What does the AfD mean with the slogan: Germany but normal?

2021-08-26 07:02:25 NICHOLE

Why is Germany not normal. What is normal for the normal?


It is a little stupid. The name of the party expresses that she would be an alternative to normal Germany, but then promote Germany, but normal.

This is probably a very special definition of normal


They are just against people who are not normal in their eyes.

people with Migration background, homosexual, artists, feminists, Muslims, disabled ...

The AFD overlooks that there was almost never a common Germany. Least in their own party, there are also the most diverse people from the edge of our society.

There were always different cultures, religions, layers and regions in our country. And actually we have ourselvesSince the 30-year war, it has also been based on the fact that we have tolerance against the dissenters. The teachings from the Second World War have not yet learned that yet.


for the AFD is normal that one does not change the German language, only artificially. to promote equality.

For the AFD is normal that migrate will be legally entering the country, learning German language and strive for a German passport.

for the AFD is normal, that an EU commercial community does not interfere with national interests of sovereign states.

etc. This is meant however, however you like to stand.


For the Germany 1950 is normal or maybe 6 years earlier

What does the AfD mean with the slogan: Germany but normal?