Do you actually believe in God?

2021-08-26 07:06:58 JOANN

Justification please.

No Choose 51%

Yes Choose 49%


Yes, because the basic reason of my psyche (= soul) seems to know him.


The universe is far too complex, as I do everything Existing a single life form (or whatever) could attribute. Why should a God create a glibbery, the millions of millions later from the sea crawls to run re-millions again with a smartphone in hand against post? (I think I've written that sometime now =.


Me gives me the faith hope so I believe in God. Just because we can not see things or see things It is not for me that you are not there. Much too much speaks against it. Team experiences and night dodgersJust the miracle we have the opportunity to exist. And if you do not feel enough, the hope without hope I would have no drive in life.


Ask people in different cultures in the world and all belief in gods. There are only everything differently gods. They must first agree if there is a God, many different or as always. Then we talk on.


Miracle or moments in the life I can not explain differently. And I feel comfortable with my belief, safe and happy in life. Happier than the time where I was less believed

Do you actually believe in God?