What was your favorite subject at school?

2021-08-26 09:01:32 TINA

Other subject Choose 29%

Math Choose 21%

History Choose 13%

Chemistry Choose 12%

Bio Choose 10%

English Choose 10%

German Choose 6%


But I do not like to set a compartment. My favorite subjects were English, biology, music.



Sport and just English. Then Gaaanz Lange Nix ^^


I seldom visited or actively attended the lessons in math when I sat in it and with the permission of the teacher. Of course, I have written exams, but that always went well. Even now, Math is still my favorite tray.



Music I found best, even if it often has understood me and we often looked musicals.

Immediately afterwards, it follows, I was always good and that's why it was fun.


ReligiousOn. Since the class always turned into a war area. Chalk was thrown, wet sponges too, the teacher did not care and she has even driven with us Schabernback.

Once the director got us on the way to the supermarket (we were hungry and went closed as class) and this legendary teacher has simply said that you buy bread with us "because we allegedly treat the last sacrament of the Last Supper just in the lessons and play it as a class"

What was your favorite subject at school?