Why are people against suicide?

2021-08-26 11:01:48 SAM

If someone wants to kill themselves then other people of this person usually say that they should stay alive at any price and so when the person goes very bad and they would rather die. Or worse the person must then be in a closed institution. But what is the meaning to force the person to continue working if it makes you so unhappy? And is not it somehow unfair that you can not decide to die if you are not born yourself?

Why are people so against suicide?

And please do not ask the question Report I just want to know that from interest.


It's always about the remaining. Suicide is a taboo. But there is no institution or no "justification" to commit suicide. You can not prevent him, you can not understand him. But there is him. You just have to accept that.


Why are people against suicide?

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I would like to stop whenever I consider it necessary. No other can prescribe me the opposite.


WMany kill many of stupid reasons. Shame, grief, jealousy, bullying etc. Many reasons you can actively combat and improve it.

A good question would be a good question why deaths are frowned, which is slowly what is slow. That's a completely different thing. Since you have someone who, for example. A deadly disease has where treatments hesitate only suffering.


Because suicide is usually the cause of death of a psychic disease. Only that does not recognize the person concerned!


Wil so that the pain does not go away but transmitted.

Why are people against suicide?