Hartz 4, What do you buy so much?

2021-08-26 12:01:15 ALEXIS

Do you buy what you know from the Hartz4 TV? Pasta and everything is cheap, or are you treating you?

I try to eat healthy and give quite a lot for food.


Although I did not get Hartz 4, but still FATS at the poverty line and life only from social benefits Nevertheless, I would feed myself healthy and balanced on the diet I would save NEI to MLR my health is too important.


One should not save on healthy diet. And if you have to be economical, then somewhere else.


Hartz IV on TV and in real life are absolutely not comparable to each other, because the tv is usually shown the parasitus (RTL2). Nevertheless, not everyone is so, but knows his life despite rotating cents without feeling poor!


Hartz IV TV is a lot loan! Who does not smoke and drink can afford everything :)


You just have to cook. Who eats only ready-made of tin, is myself to blame.

The most expensive here was 500g minced meat. 5-member family was full and soch 2-3 servings have stayed for later.

Hartz 4, What do you buy so much?