Fake cocaine filmed, illegal?

2021-08-26 12:07:55 FLORA

Colleagues have filmed at home Fake cocaine, now threatens with the police. Illegal to film icing sugar (as cocaine)?



Film can know everything possible, reality or fiction, you must not believe all and white powder can also be everything possible, after the movie it can no one anymore prove. So what should





Show powdered sugar in the film is not illegal

There's someone trying to spread afraid of

As long as Nimand can prove that it is and cocaine can nobody punish you but watch out of Razzia


Powder sugar to films is not punishable.

Vernon If you can prove that it is not cocaine, then nothing happens. Since someone has a boredom again and threatens others with the police. HEuchler ... Nowhere is written that the films of legal substances is illegal. Whether it is titled as a cocaine or not. As long as it is proven to be a legal substance, everything is in the green area. If it would be forbidden to be a legal fabric as an illegal to "Veap", then the whole rappers had a lot of stress.

Fake cocaine filmed, illegal?