Fear to fall in love with because he is not good for me?

2021-08-26 13:02:50 EUGENE

I am 17 years and have a very "fulfilled" but also some problems.

I am socially committed, some a lot of sports, have good scores and am generally very inquisitive. I read a lot and have some artistic hobbies and are very interested in fashion. Besides, my health is very important to me, I cook and eat very healthy and make a lot for my psychological and physical health. I have many plans for my life and strut a lot. More or less "The girl of next door"

He is the typical "would-be gangster", usually attracted accordingly (bombing, jogging suit, etc.). He does not pay attention to his appearance and is not necessarily athletic or slim. He is the act of appearanceH not my type. He is policed, has already eaten a lot and one hears a lot of bad. Quite different than my ex, it was more like me.

Actually, it is a boy, over which I would normally be upset or blessing it with my friends, but on the other hand, as a person is as different as it appears. He is incredibly intelligent and I rarely led so profound talks with someone. Also, what some things are concerned that happened, he was always 100% honest and told me what was & 'What he is not proud of.

On the one hand, I see the top as a big warning signal, on the other side I feel so connected to him. I'm not in love, it's more of an incredible "security & 'security"I feel with him.

We have nothing yet, are in the introductory phase. What would you advise me? Does anyone have similar experiences?


Hallöchen said.

I can not advise neither, because I do not know the young man.

However, I can draw inspections from your information.

Of course, everyone has earned a second chance, but whether he uses the chance can only show you the future.

Who can know if you are not exactly you that leads him to "right away", or if he is the one who makes you unhappy and spoil your own future?

Not we, you Must decide if you want to take the risk (that's it).

Ask yourself differently:

  • Was your previous life, your ex-boyfriend is not perhaps only to "boring"?
  • Do you feel like "as Girl of nLevel "flattered because he still desires you?
  • What is this man who is not even your type, for you so interesting, his" dark side ", or a kind of" helper syndrome "?
  • There are also men who behave "normal" behavior, also intelligent, just told you obviously too boring.
  • Do not you see him with a kind of "pink glasses" because you at / Do not feel anything with him and do not want him otherwise?

As I said, I can and can not agree with you, because in my opinion the negative points are quite important.

Against a friendship, nothing is obvious in this case, maybe you can even bring him "on the right way"?

Itis your life and thus your decision, for which I can at least wish you for luck, which I do herewith.

Love Greeting from Berlin


Unfortunately I have no experience.


But would nevertheless be caution but not to give him up. Learn to know him better. Maybe you're the right thing for him so he is responsible (nice or so) (sorry when the stupid sounds)

I hope I could help you



Listen to your heart.

At me he makes a good impression in the reading.

But you also have to remember that every second is in prison, is a sociopath. The chances are not so bad that he belongs to it- if he is not "small-criminal"


Na clear, it probably happens to everyone that he is in love or interested in someone who does not do well, the other goals has, Especially on departure is not fits.

Turn on the head and remember it. Depending on this is just by avoiding any contact. Since he is criminal, this is quite advisable.

There are enough interesting high-intelligent not criminal guys.


"Since he is not good for me" -Where Do you want to know that? That seems like a typical movie story over.

You could help him become a "better" man. But I'll tell you if you do not want him, then let it be. In the end you only hurt him and who knowsSS, you never know what a person is doing when he is injured.

Fear to fall in love with because he is not good for me?