Can you see the pants if you have a little penis?

2021-08-26 14:02:08 PAT

I'll never wear jeans yourself because I have limp a 2cm penis, and it's uncomfortable that the people are still seeing down there.

But what can you do about it? My girlfriend always laughs at me again and again.



I've seen on the internet that there is something that you can do in your underpants and it works great and something around. Always wear underpants models so it looks better at shootings


If the jeans are not very tight, no one sees whether it is big or small. Unless he is really big.


Nothing, "Get", usually, nobody really sweats.


No, You do not really see that. To do this, most pants throw - especially jeans - too many wrinkles. It is more like that, especially inexperienced women, then often see what is not there ... or just wavy fabric. Through the pants you can only see oneReally large equipment or if he is hard. Besides, of course, the pants are too tight or the fabric very cuddly. Then there can be something because of it, especially if you (n) then there is nothing under. But you can avoid that as a man but by not attracting something like that.

In addition, do not worry so many thoughts. Probably you have a blood penis, like most men: and they are almost all in the limp condition. However, you should think about shooting your girlfriend in the wind. Someone who loves you does not make you down because of that.


Which it looks, does not matter if you do not hang leggings, then you can not see it. And otherwise just plug you a pair of socksn pure

Can you see the pants if you have a little penis?