Unimittal or circumcised penis nicer?

2021-08-26 14:02:53 KELLI

Hello everybody,

I would like to know about the female users here whether they find a trimmed or uncircumcised penis more beautiful. It's really just about the optics of the penis, not the negative aspects that could carry a circumcision with themselves and even whether one is in a relationship or not.

It's a very superficial question yes and I know that this is not a relevant and important aspect and I also know that I have already asked this question similarly, but because of the optics of my penis with women in the past, I have pretty much Many negative experiences have to make (I would not like to mention the experiences in detail in the open question, but may like to be like in private chatLET) and I found in a situation in which I have not found for me other way out than the circumcision (in my case partial circumcision). So I know both and would like to know as mentioned by the women, if it's just about the optics of the penis what they find more beautiful.

Thank you in advance for your sympathy.

Unimittal penis nicer because ... Choose 63%

Circular Penis Beautiful Weil ... Choose 25%

Both Be Nice Because ... Choose 12%


Because one can only draw a direct comparison between two penins. Not generally category uncircumcised cropped. That's what: are small or big penises prettier? You can not answer because it arrives on many other details. In the circumcision status, that's the same.


I have no preference for no preference. But I would always decide for the natural look, due to the possible disadvantages of a circumcision and because I can not understand circumcision for optical reasons. Of course, if it is necessary medically, that's another thing. Or if you just feel uncomfortable with foreskin, I do not know how that was with you, if you only like the women whereLLTEST, or if you did not find it so nice. But I think that's what you should only do for yourself or do not make yourself and have not been influenced by others.


Because hygienic and looks better


  1. The foreskin is for protection
  2. Propered Penis no longer so well maintained (my opinion!)
  3. I like to play with the foresex with the foreskin


is hygienic

Unimittal or circumcised penis nicer?