I go to a new school?

2021-08-26 16:02:39 WILFRED

Shit. Tomorrow my first day of school is on a new school. I'm really scared that I'm blaming and uncertain. Someone has tips like I should behave that I find friends


is as self-confident as possible. Even if you are not, then try to do so. Straight attitude, smile, keep eye contact with your classmates and do not hide as far as possible behind the phone. If a missheel happens, then do not sink in shame. Think that could happen to anyone and laugh about it. The first impression is usually the most important. If you hate the first day, then it's usually not that hard anymore. :)


Be calm, do not be afraid! And if you're there, just ask you through if you need help. In general, people are all nice! : -)

Have fun in the new school! Do not be afraid, that will be great! : -)


It is hopeless. DThe AFD will abolish schools and introduce famine.

I go to a new school?