Is it allowed to force someone to the headscarf?

2021-08-26 16:03:25 CURTIS

Hi I have parents to force me today Kopftuch to wear I howal here since 1 day have no sleep or anything else I am in the 6 class and I'm 12 I'm scared What happens so you can force your children's headscarf to wear the headscarf




you should not do anyone. You should seek the conversation with your parents. But instead of rejecting it from the outset, you could deal with the topic closer. Maybe with girls in your age, eg from the mosque or graduation stage, the hijab wear over it or try it even on the weekend.

I wish you a lot of strength and a way decision.


No, in such a situation, I would talk to my parents and say that one wants to find out their own religion that fits one later for themselves.


No, in Germany one should not.

However, the strictly believing followers of religions are not interested in their KIn addition, to force them.


No may not you!


No, no one may force you. Say with your parents and tell them that you do not want to wear a headscarf.

Is it allowed to force someone to the headscarf?