Is there this in Germany?

2021-08-26 16:08:13 TODD

Parents who force their children to marry a particular man, or to marry a particular woman, even if fabrication is actually prohibited?

And why are there parents who believe they can force their children to marry someone to marry?

Or worse, why are there generally people, so men who believe they can just marry a girl while they are over 50 or so?


Hello Karmanos946,

There are certainly a few such families in Germany. For example, with a foreign family in Germany. Why you think that you can not know that either. Maybe because you think you are the parents, so you can do everything? Because they have experienced it as a child or teenager? Probably because it is already preprogrammed by religion or family etc.




is the rule rather than the exception for many migration families.

There may also be German families who do that, but I know no case directly here.


Yes there is. Belongs to their culture and tradition.

As long as it is not my daughter who hires in such a family, but that does not matter to me.


In some cultures or certain educational layers, the arranged marriage is still considered normal, the German state has been tested for a reasonable integration policy for decades, so some migration family Still living in your own world.


Yes, that's there.

The girls drive into the holidays and come back as well-driven wives - of course secretly - back.

Only in Berlin:
Berlin has already carried out a second survey for 2013 after 2007. While for 2007 378 cases of threatened threats orComplete forced marriage was counted ( PDF file ), it was in 2013 already 460 cases ( PDF file
). An increase of 18%!
Nationwide 1,445 consulting facilities were interviewed for their experience with forced marriage rates. 830 of these facilities had responded and overall 3.443 forced marriage cases alone in 2008
named - 93% of them girls and women.

Is there this in Germany?