Is a shelter interested in his former protégés?

2021-08-26 18:02:13 TOM

We have neighbors which have brought a dog from animal welfare about 5 years ago. Now the woman has come to the nursing home and the man is locked up the entire day alone in the apartment. The outer rollers are also completely everywhere. The dog is definitely in the apartment because he barks more often. Spout may have the animal completely 30 minutes a day ...

This condition has been going on for over 1 year. Help The offerings are being rejected.

I'm sorry for me and I would like to write the former shelter anonymously. Does that mean sense?


Yes, a good shelter is interested in it!

Our th makes a check visit after half a year, but of course you can not continue so. I personally not think so great.

There is also a clause in my adoption contract that I can not easily deliver the dog, but must give the th a submission.

If you know the th, I would definitely contact you.


You can definitely try it, the community is also responsible for this.

See you on the side of the city administration.

Whether the animal is taken away, another FAGE, but at least someone comes over and looks DAS.


You can call it in any case, you are interested in (in normal case) even after the placement for the animal


Do that and then pass more steps, or give you more places where you should report.


No! That's pointless.

Is a shelter interested in his former protégés?