Naked by the school?

2021-08-26 20:03:25 SHERI

Take on I race naked through the school and someone makes photos of it, can I show the then? What would be the punishment? Would I get money? And would the punishment worse if someone still posts this?
That would keep you when someone does XD.

The question is stupid, but that's just interested in me.


So apart from the fact that the school is a place on the nudity taboo, everyone has the right to his own picture. It does not matter if naked or not. If someone makes a picture of you without your consent and it still posts you can definitely show the persin.

As the penalty then I can not tell you unfortunately. This is always different.

LG Sarah


A penalty is more likely to get you if you do not think about the home order of the school ... most, the such a few movies or photograph, are not so stupid to post it on the internet, keep it on your smartphone and show it your closest friends, which then laugh at you, without you ever e?TWA's commanded.


I do not know why you should race naked through the school. And then complains if others take pictures ... but regardless of it ... You could also get an ad for excitation public annoyance ...


First of all, you would be a punishment Getting because of excitement of public annoyance - and by the way, probably fly from the school. That would ultimately cost you more than any potential demands


Nact in public institutions is already a criminal offense due to "excitement of public annoyance", but the reluctant photographing, whether naked or not , is not allowed and worsens SICH through the post.

Naked by the school?