Is the earth round?

2021-08-26 21:01:11 CHRIS

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Yes, she is an approximate ball. On the pole cap, however, it is pushed slightly and stretched outwardly on the equator. This form is called a "rotary lipsoid". By turning it, it gets this shape.

This is scientifically doubted.


A disk would also be theoretically, so I do not understand the question, there would be more meaningful To ask if she is a bullet (which is not really right either).

The description in English is "Oblate Spheroid" (floped spheroid) and generally our beautiful planet is more like a pear than a ball.


Looking for photos from the universe where astronauts have filmed the earth and DAnn makes your own verdict.

For me, Earth is a bullet, why it says soil half gun, many countries are on the other side of the Earth globe.

or a globe that has a follow-up of the Earth is, but is also round and no slice.

The moon and the sun is not a slice.




The earth is due to the earth rotation, causing centrifugal forces which act on the ground mass, elliptical


However, it is arched inwards (concave) and not outwards (concave) convex), like all thinking. So the round of earth is a hollow ball inside we live.

Proof: You look at his heels - they always take advantage of the edge.

Is the earth round?