Why is the fear of corona vaccine with some greater than the fear of the possibl

2021-08-26 21:02:18 TIFFANY

The logical risk benefit balance is affected because ... Choose 56%

Other response: ... Choose 31%

The necessary information is missing the necessary information about the correct assessment . Choose 13%

Known have made negative experiences with vaccination. Choose 0%


I do not understand that either.

But really sound arguments against the vaccine is hardly giving anyway, so maybe one should not necessarily invest the scale of rationality.


Because people are crazy

The vaccines have proven to be the best protection against the dying of Covid-19, there is no doubt that the CDC has officially confirmed this.

The vaccines are not experimental, the lateral thinkers have invented many different lies to try to fear of vaccines

The truth is that conventional vaccines are over 300 years old, that's right that they began in the 1790s

mRNA vaccines began in 1960 and become a yearhave been used as tailor-made treatment for risk patients who do not respond to other treatments

We know that RNA vaccines work, we know that mRNA vaccines are effective and we know that mRNA vaccines are safe

In fact, there are no possible long-term effects of mRNA vaccines, as they are so sensitive (therefore they are shipped frozen) that they fall apart within 48 hours and they reside them again at the next toilet. They no longer exist in the body, so it is impossible to have long term effects


Most of the time it is about the principle, one wants to stand out as a resistance fighter identify or adopt itUT and the alleged lies revealed.

Pure hero fantasies.



I would like to answer:

  1. Fear of syringes or doctor visits generally.
  2. Fear of "chemistry", which was apparently less tested than other drugs earlier ... that's understandable, right?
  3. Do not be afraid of corona in the sense or symptoms (or diseases in general ).
  4. You do not see it so bad with Covid-19.
  5. Despite despite; Understandable, what is the state on what you do with your body virtually?

I can not do this anymore.




I did not have a fear of vaccination even and today had the first vaccine have normalEvidence very fear of vaccinations but did not hurt like the other vaccinations and so far I'm still fine so Joa

Why is the fear of corona vaccine with some greater than the fear of the possible consequences of an infection or another virus mutation?