Issue / unleashed Studying your own mind and leads to more life happiness?

2021-08-26 21:06:51 DORA

Is the worst state that a person can endure to be intelligent but in a primitive activity stuck under his level


I would see that a little bit differently.

The worst state of which can happen to a human being is that he is steadfast in an activity that absolutely no joy There is no fun, in the worst case even an activity that this person hates more and more from day to day.

It is allowed to be a primitive activity, as long as you enjoy the practicing individual's or at least Duration is to be ended.

Unfortunately, you have to say that "primitive" activities are often those who are not fun and are difficult to endure in the long run.

I imagine Some professions properly present.

Here's a constructed example:

Let's say, JemanD works in nursing because he was "managed by the Jobcenter in this direction" maneuvered ".

However, this person already stated that the profession is actually nothing for them at all.

Nevertheless, this person tore together and scratched the discipline to successfully complete the training, including state recognition in the profession, therefore alone to get no trouble with the job center.

After The training also starts this person to work in the nursing, especially because they have the Jobcenter the argument "I have completed nursing training at the expense of the job center, but now does not want to work in the profession." can be very bad.

This is how this worksPerson now in nursing, and starts to hate your job from year to year, and the old people who care for you can also hate more and more from year to year.

Would not such a scenario Extremely cruel for all involved?

My constructed example is not so farailed and not so reality, because the

average residence time of a trained care power is between 8.4 years (elegant care) and 13.7 years (Nursing).

This is of course not told that there are not people who love their nursing profession and really enjoy it, and also love the old people.

It's just a very individual thing, what makes you enjoy and what to doCan not endure and what is not.

I also do not want to say that nursing is primitive, but the "primitive" refers to that no higher school degrees are needed as long as you do not want to study nursing. In particular, nursing careers come out with a very "low" graduation.


If you do not learn to love and accept how to do it, you will never be happy and can therefore no one different make happy.


Studies expanded the horizon. The process makes some people happy. You do not like to occur on the spot.

Even if it is not necessary for everyone's lucky sensation, it is at least eggN signs from a positive attitude to life.

Why should a depressive want to expand its horizon? Learning is always active living. Learning means to face positive in the world. If you hold the world for a trist or bad, why should you look for something in her then?


So if that's the worst state that you know, then you are very good ...

But it will not be happy to make a person happy in the long run if he only makes these activities. But there are things that are upheaval but have to be done, the fairest would be there to split under all.


Everyone should pursue the profession that meets his skills. But that does not exclude thats also studied many primitive activities.

Study can free, but it does not have to. The organized state studies is just one of many ways to develop. And this option is not everyone, many learn more self-tableably and self-determined.

Issue / unleashed Studying your own mind and leads to more life happiness?