What makes a clinic with suicide forced thoughts?

2021-08-26 23:04:42 DEANNA

Do you only get medication? And how do you go around?


Hi, almost every person sometime suicidal thoughts, so the question is how acute are the. It is individual.


Try to stabilize you so far that you are no longer acute suicide.

Then there is a post-treatment for the time after the clinic stay, for example, regular visits to a psychological institutive bulancy (PIA).

Here's a website that I've held out of the internet so you know what that should be:

https://www.oberhavel-kliniken.de/standort-hennigsdorf/psychiatric -Institutebulance Pia / What-is-a-Pia

Do not you create it in the clinic, then you will try to take action WiE accommodation in so-called "supervised living" and the like, because you can not remain in a clinic forever and eternally.

What can also be arranged across the basis of legal care by a legal supervisor of which is used by the Supervision Court (District Court)


This is committed to whether you have acute instructed Will, or make a stationary stay.

Actually, you also make psychotherapy in the clinic and there are many offers to help you, that can vary from clinic to clinic.

It may be that a drug treatment is considered, but also that depends on the clinic and on you.

I wish you all the best!



It is different. It may be that you can be set drug, but does not have to.

In addition, there are usually a conversation and possibly group therapy, different tasks, sometimes sports and employment therapy.

comes a bit on the clinic.


Well I think .. If you were about before or something tried you come in the protected (closed) psychiatry and sedatives could give you if you ask. Just give you some .. would be the case if you were totally out of you and emotionally can not catch you anymore.

What makes a clinic with suicide forced thoughts?