The Greens speak of 50,000 Afghans, which should come now ... What is from Germa

2021-08-27 00:01:11 PETER

-What does our policy promise from it? --- You can not accommodate these people in other Islamic countries. (E.g., Iran)?

Will there be more Islamic terror in Germany?

are not many criminals and assassins under these new Afghans? After all, the identity is hardly checked.

What does Germany want from Afghanistan at all?


It is probably the question of how people should come here. The boundaries are tight and only a few people are flown out. We can only hope that the Taliban do not perform bigger massacre to the people there.

50,000 people from there would be more a small problem.


There are Afghan As well as German criminals.

It lies to us people in Germany. We have to take the Afghans to our site, teach them and teach them to integrate themselves.

It is largely also to us people in Germany. We put all refugees in a pot and then ask us why they do not evolve.

That we were born in Germany was EInfach only luck. This happiness does not have all, but therefore we do not have to deal so selfishly.

If we were in such a situation, we would also become more innocent man as a criminal escapes.


Will there be more Islamic terror in Germany?

Of this one has to go out, alone are more people. I just hope that there is no innocent people. If, then hopefully those who pronounce themselves.

And that is not tested or later is a UNING. Of course, even offenders come in and maybe even some Taliban is most personally personally. Funny is that you can no longer show them because of the circumstances! So everyone who comes, whether good oThe bad, who will stay here. If you are absolutely considering this negligence and free ticket.


Luckily, the Greens do not have to decide alone ...

Otherwise you can only say that also the many many people who have been recorded during the "refugee crisis" in 2015 in Germany are now "risen" in Germany ..... and there is no negative impairment ...


It remains to be seen how people behave here. That however, however, everything is all a Democrats, I consider an illusion.

The Greens speak of 50,000 Afghans, which should come now ... What is from Germany?