My glans hurt me if I just touch them?

2021-08-27 05:09:57 LINDSAY

When I'm in the shower and turn the beam on my acorn, I'm feeling extremely, even if I rub or only when I touch it. Having heard that it should hardened, but with me that has been 6 years old now. Also at Jagsen if I touch the acorn pain it hurts. I was trimmed with 6, but I still do not know the reason for the pain on my glans. Hope you can help me.


That should not be pain.

An acorn is sensitive, and the sensitivity can be exercised, or leaves after a while.

Do you have Your parents asked, or your doctor?


About the doctor, Normal After so long ago after the circumcision, that does not seem to me.

My glans hurt me if I just touch them?