Sunbathes in the garden?

2021-08-27 06:03:24 OLLIE

I am very often in the garden for the summer. But have already got angry looks. how do you see it? Nude sunbathing yes or no? You can see only a little bit from the street to nothing because of the hedge and otherwise the neighbors of the upper floors.


I say a little bit of a wink when you touch: On a well-built neighbor I would like to look like, on the entire rest rather not.

Seriously, there are still many people who do not like to look like nude people outdoors, you may already consider that you should already consider and respect these looks impossible, eg by the location choice of tenry.


You can do what you want in your garden. Nevertheless, I would also take some consideration of the neighbors and may not sunbathe as often naked in the garden. I hope I could help you


Even if it should be legally allowed (I'm not sure), so mustI do not push my nudity to everyone on the eye. Often you have the opportunity to protect yourself from looks at least.

I sun on my balcony too at the top without and I realize that surrounding houses can see me right now, where I drive on the balcony and not yet lying. Then I always grab for a towel or shirt and keep it in front of me. I can see, no one can see me anymore.


You can sunbathe in your own garden, as long as you constantly get stuck and not provoked by "posen". No matter if M or W. Anti-evil looks would be amusing for me.


If your garden is, then people are unlucky when they have to gain in your garden. LegislationYou can do that in your own garden.

We also have a hedge. But that is still growing and still sun I like to get at the top without. No matter how prudding other people are.

Sunbathes in the garden?