Can God heal illnesses?

2021-08-27 10:01:53 ESSIE

I pray every day but it does not help

Does anyone have tips?


God can heal a misfortune, war, hunger and illnesses

He stands with man but every person must master the challenges of life alone, but he is always there And sounds if you ask him, or tells him his concern. He can give strength and strength to hold the worst layers.

All the best for you.


Since I do not believe in God, I see it anyway "Humbug".

But should he heal your illness or just generally?

I believe in research. This is certainly progressed as we think, but I think that it may sometime so far to heal any illness by medication. But that will take a while again



In fact, studies were performed.

, for example, an article: /Ir-beet-fuer-ische-hen-hen-schaden-an-384349.html



It does not always happen what we want to believe I'm doing for me where you think that's good for you but God knows that it's good so he does not do it. I do not care how hard it will always believe that there is God

There is God!


Yes, he can heal.

Can God heal illnesses?