How should one behave best when provoking therapists?

2021-08-27 12:06:37 IRA

5 years ago someone asked why their therapist assisted her, crying in therapy, though she had never cried in therapy.

The therapist used phrases such as:

All handkerchiefs consumed and extremely cramped
had a cryptic cramp

Because the patient was therefore (rightly) annoyed , of a response, was therefore among other things The reaction

of your Therapheutin now to be subsequently understood I think I find exaggerated and unfair

My therapist makes something like that too. Only with the emotion rage.

T: Recently, you have always been so angry at the hour.

I: No, how do you get on it? (Contradiction)

T: Because you contradict me.

I: I was (or felt) me NicHT angry.

T: Yes, you always house with the fist on the table - every hour.

I: LACTE. (Because I've never done that)


For insured, you have to contradict or (up) clarify and correct.

I usually laugh then, and say nothing, but does not know if that's the right reaction.

And the Cluo is .. In the same hour she hewn for the first time from frustration on the table. Since I had started first.

I had only asked you why she writes something. (Because I found the topic for not important and grades)

then .. How on the table.

Then I asked her why she is angry now.

T: Because I'm not explainedÄnel wants.


How should one best behave when provoking therapists, thinking out things and claim or exaggerate them?


or if you hit the table?


This is difficult to judge from afar.

It is quite possible that here specifically a provocation is used to obtain a reaction to it.

You laughed in response. But you have not contradicted and objectively contradicted.

That means you approved here that your borders will be transferred.


At a therapy I would always assume that it is part of the therapy. When the therapist brings me to cry, probably that's why to break me and better reach me emotionally.
I would think that I probably go to rationally thinking about therapy andThe therapist can not reveal my real feelings well.

It can only be a test, as I react to something.

Since this is all part of the therapy, it is somehow "okay" so (even if it feels different at the moment).


Maybe you are overlapped As she says, and you do not show your feelings, or have no access to them, even if these feelings in a situation were absolutely attached. Maybe she has tested you. How do you make someone angry? Undertakings, loud and hanging on the table is perfect for that. However, I would already expect that this would be clarified later.

I have accompanied a woman to a female doctor who was Krass AggresSIV. At that was not a vesting, but an exaggeration of their power position. So something like that.


This is eigtessl. No normal therapist behavior.

You are already doing it correctly: at something like you have to contradict. Manchmoo can you also ask "How do you come about?"

You can also be straightforward and say, "They assume something I did not do and that bother me. Please listen to it."


Therapy situations are extremely difficult to judge from the distance. There is often a highly emotional situation in which both participants come to their limits.

How should one behave best when provoking therapists?