Fear for my mother?

2021-08-27 13:01:15 VERONICA

My mother had cancer, and now she was to control and those who have seen something so puffing and looked at his stomach and I'm just scared around her .. She's going to the hospital tomorrow, and there will be tomorrow everything controls.

I currently have a few goals, and she was often there for me, she is just important to me .. And I'm just scared, and I feel so empty inwardly and are scared that I'm scared Do not create ..


I do not know how to deal with it .. Currently everything is a bit much.


Do you understand you very well.

But your mother is more scared, it does not show it.

With 17 are reasonably tall, and you have to give something.

in the case of cases.

In my family all died of cancer ...

But we do not go from the worst :-)



Cancer is only when it is diagnosed. And if? Died to cancer is just when you are dead. She has already defeated the cancer. And always remember: Of course this is now a small greeting from death. But Isr the mother who has to be scared, do not you. Be strong like SIE!


Fear for my mother?