Does your sex belong in friendships or is normal today?

2021-08-27 13:03:56 IRENE

And I read and listen more and more often that you had something with friends among friends, whether sexual intercourse was self-relief.

I myself can not understand that my friends are pretty much the same thing as mine Family you do not want to be intimate?!

or my best friend is like my brother for me, because I do not want to see him naked a spin? XD

What are your experiences and views?


I have several friends who kiss platone and do not immediately feel feelings for each other. Personally, I could not do that, I would either be too uncomfortable or I fulfill me directly .. It's probably where you draw the border between Plato and Romance and what you are ready in a friendship. Nowadays, the social picture in terms of sex was quite loosened anyway, polygamy sneaks out, for example, slowly (at least in my environment) also in Germany or in the western countries :) So in my opinion, it is probably normal, That even more and more friends have to gain experience with each other and above all, even if there is nothing between them; That was usually certainly vOr, just did not talk about it as much over it because it was not normalized!


No, in a friendship that does not belong for me. I could never become intimate with a person with which I am closely friendly and rightly not the friendship then continue to continue.


Nowadays everything will be pleased and mighted, which is not sitting on the tree at three. Next, it's probably going to go under siblings. I myself do not think about it. Friends should stay friends and do not mutate to the sex object.


I feel the same way as you. Think that are more such people who lead a friendship plus


I see just like you. Kann Understand if both Z.B only want sex and have fun with each other, but that's not a real friendship then.

Does your sex belong in friendships or is normal today?