Evidence that one is not the only person?

2021-08-27 14:03:13 BARBARA

In order to mean real irrefutable evidence that, for example, you can not only be imagination of me and I am the only person

Come realize that there are almost 8thrd people, of which everyone is their own Living lives



This is difficult to prove. Anyway, it's just like that. Everyone lives his own life.

It could also be that I'm just a bot of good legislation. Or you? Or we both? Who knows ...



For me, the proof in it would be a family member - give you e.g. the hand. Do you feel that? If so, then this person is Real Existent.
You are now, no idea how old, but should have noticed under normal circumstances, how people have become your social environment older. Yes or no? If so, then they are Real Existent - every person becomes older; He grows, gets gray hair and wrinkles in the old age. And each of these people lives his own life; No matter how vieLe's there from us.
If you do not feel it, if you give someone's hand and do not get the people in your environment older, then I would tap on a psychosis.


I think so I'm, and I'm not sure. And if you are not just an imagination of me, neither I nor you are the only real person.



If I ask someone in the dream question I just do not get any answers, no usable answers, no further answers.

When I find the right person, he can really tell me something that I did not know what I do not think about what me comforts me brings me to think what calms me down what meGT, ... Everything I can not give myself.


You can not prove that. By the way, I am the only real person.

Evidence that one is not the only person?