Sell ​​gold from the universe?

2021-08-27 15:01:07 BILLY

Suppose I get 10 m³ of Aliens gold for my services and sell that to a gold dealer. They have it from Mars.

Do I have to prove, by whom the gold is?

How much would I get?

Could I turn a knit from it, because of the Gold?

Could one argue that the gold was illegal, because no impaired documents?

Would the earthly Mars-land owners be entitled to gold? After all, the Mars is ruffled.

Is that legal?

I am aware that this is illogical with the aliens.


That basically does not matter because:

Gold is expensive because it is rare.

If so with a blow would be so much gold, the gold value would sink overnight on practical 0


Yes, something that is exactly regulated in the AlienShealth's Active Act. Therefore, there is absolutely no gray zones.

Sell ​​gold from the universe?