Why does US pay attention to the dying homeless and arms in the USA, although US

2021-08-27 21:01:51 SAMMY


In the US, for example, in local initiatives is very well paid to homelessness.

The topic of homeless people in the US has nothing to do with the topic of rescue of refugees from Afghanistan.


It is a land full of contradictions, with very poor and very rich, very much Formed and very uneducated


Where is the adventurous assumption that the US (or other countries) do not worry about? Look at Germany, there are more than enough offers for these people, if you do not want to perceive these offers, then not -ist a free country, no one will keep a pistol to the head and force you to work.


Because such a oneC-17 was not built for American inner cities. ; -)


The United States' foreign policy interests in Afghanistan were the degradation of various mineral resources of the country.

One wanted to overstate the country a western democracy, which also after 20 Years of occupation did not succeed.

Now China, Russia and Turkey are on-site and negotiate with surencal licenses.

Soil resources in Afghanistan

The Taliban and the trillion Schatz in Earth

https://www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de/inhalt.bodenschaetze-in-afghanistan-die-taliban-und-der-billion-schatz-in-in- Earth.9C78D11B-65CE-4EA3-B82C-B70D13392E19.html

How America fights with urban design against homeless

Too many citiesE In the US, the poor and not poverty fight. This makes life unbearable for all city dwellers.

https://www.handelsblatt.com/politik/international/world stories/postinett/usa-wie-amerika-mit-tedtedesign-Mug -Goubless-Knackt / 21150302.html? Ticket = ST-724110-KDAPFBJG5EX7DPYQB2Y4-AP3

Clearance protection runs from

-million Americans threatens the eviction


01.08.2021 12:46 Uhr

In the US, the eviction protection imposed due to the pandemic expires. Millions of Americans now threatens homelessness. Attempts to extend the measure were stopped.


Why does US pay attention to the dying homeless and arms in the USA, although US wants to retain the life of strangers in Afghanistan?