Did you ever have sexual fantasies with a teacher?

2021-08-28 02:07:00 GLENN

Whether you are still going to school or are already out of school, does not matter.

Yes Choose 58%

No Choose 42%


So right not, but I was admitted to school time (10th grade) a bit in love with a young and extremely sympathetic teacher. Although I would like it more like this: so cracked in the true sense, I was not, but I found her very great and super sympathetic. She was cool, friendly, polite, but also pretty "courageous" - that could already say quite directly if you did not fit ... and that was in this (quite problematic) class certainly no mistake ;-)

I had sexual fantasies or not with her, I just found her great and also liked to talk to her .. she was a bit the cool big sister who might have done me well ; -).

I have until todayBy mail contact with her, it is now around the 40 - at that time (2006) she was about 25/26 and had her first place with us. A totally love and sympathetic woman, with which I have been friends in a certain way since after school. She has helped me a few private problems quite pretty much, that was strong and before that I would be respect today.


In the 2nd class I was immortal in my teacher. She was about 25 and scary at that time. At that time, sexual feelings were not so present yet, but I always wanted to be near you. That's even noticed my mother because I have cooled for them


So exciting fantasies quite with different teachers, yes.

ISBut I've been something out of school for three years.


I believe everyone and every sometime: D


But has been over two years ago, my girlfriend also found it fully sweet.

Did you ever have sexual fantasies with a teacher?