What about 500 € for the corona vaccine?

2021-08-28 03:01:43 ALLAN

Where / How / How can one be vaccinated for the 500 € against Corona?


to those who unnecessarily leave a comment on Google a "500 € for corona vaccine"


HTTPS: // www.google.com/amp/s/m.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/impfstrategie-stockt-500-euro-praemie-fuer-corona-impfung-17426614.amp.html


I already have a vaccination appointment and question only if that would behave or not and not that's how you learn in school the question is reading exactly and think about it before you write some nonsense


This is the requirement that someone has set up. If I challenge, one should give me a million euros immediately, it is still no reality, but only something I personallyI would like to have.


This is a pure consideration, whether one could boost the pacifier. But it will not come. Of course, the government is interested in having many vaccination. Or ne interested has been misinterpreted. It would be nice to finally live normally again. But so far it will not come.

Some municipalities have placed small vaccines for themselves: a free sausage here an ice there,

Saving institutions have said: Come to vaccinate then there is free admission.

But That with the 500 euros will not come


Nowhere. Incidentally, at best of 100 euros was the speech. That too does not exist so far.


You will be thereprobably have to participate in the lottery. As far as I know, distribute making vaccine brat sausages or invite to the vaccine clubbing. More probably not.


You do not get 500 € for the vaccine against Corona. Deutschland does not do that and Germany does not do that, because then in all other vaccinations the 'Toddler Group' will be bribed again with a lolli, so that it can be done.

Soon there are the paid tests soon. Then you can vaccinate yourself to save a certain amount of money.

What about 500 € for the corona vaccine?