Depression because of no friends?

2021-08-28 05:01:57 PERRY

Hello people,

I'm 21 years old and somehow have no friends I realized. Although I have 2 very good colleagues, but one has a girlfriend and is Nuroch with her and the other is generally rarely called me out. I would like to have a social environment of several people. The "problem" in quotes I have already very long and I'm not feeling so well with me too.

I just want to have friends with whom I can do something at any time. Also, I have the feeling that I can miss something in life.

Clearly my mindset is very exaggerated maybe I would like to win 2-3 good friends. The problem is that I have to find people the same as me.

Do you somehow any TIPPS? In what can I invest my time in leisure still so to have boredom?


If you think you have depression, then you should talk to your family doctor. Then you can transfer yourself to a psychotherapist - if you really depressions -

In your free time, you can acquire new knowledge, watch movies & series, read a book, learn a language, and deepen a language, and and and and and . There is so much what you can do. Simply practice your hobbies or discover which.



Well, what interests do you have. The VHS offers many courses that can make your free time and also can lead to friendships.


I have exactly the same problem ... I think you have to take somehow initiative and people appealEchen. But like ... I do not know that somehow ..

Only one thing: You meant that one friend is rare with you. Maybe you'll tell yourself to him?


Stell an eBay classifieds advertisement! Then you get to know cool people! Is funny! Write as a display Who has Bock to play cards! But do not meet you at home.

Depression because of no friends?