Is this thought stupid? Which you could have missed something at 22 years?

2021-08-28 05:02:41 BEVERLY

That you missed something at 22 years?

  • Because you did not have any girlfriend?
  • Satured a lot of home over 1 year?
  • It is more difficult to do with others or to go out because you have little self-esteem? So it's just a hurdle to go out to go out under humans w
  • no job has and no graduation
  • and it's a stop hard to make social contacts to make after one year's little contact had shaped with other people and on everything like, for example; Health, Hygiene, Style, Contacts ..

Some mine to me:

With 22 you hang around crying?
You're just 22 !!

Just do I sometimes think if I really create everythingnn ..

My mother meant to me I should make a plan with all goals and then assortment everything gradually.

She meant, for example:

  • Sleepythmus get under control
  • Health, make an appointment with the doctor
  • Go out more, for example, you wanted to go to the gym make yourself a day where you log in and start training
  • Fishing to go to ice food, eg go to lake
then completion? Education Job?

My mother said stops on with school / training call on and if they have no room let you write down to the list

And in parallel, you go through your goals. , Without pressure and stress.

FindI do not choose 80%

Thinking with 22 to think something is stupid choose 20%

This thought is stupid choose 0%

partial choose 0%


This question could have been asked

It is constantly not that his own life should not be compared to that of others, but I do it anyway and say: But . There may be a lot of missed.

And the statement that you were still young and have a lot of time, I personally do not like it. You get older every day. Sure, you have to remember that life is not a competition, but sometime is still missing what to get to know in life and new people and (friendly) bonds will be getting heavier with age ...


You just have to start. Have a look at YT Sascha Huber motivational video. There is hardly about training but generalS live, could help you.

Catch, try stuff. Ticks the clock ...


is not stupid

Is this thought stupid? Which you could have missed something at 22 years?