Abolition of internal combustion engines?

2021-08-28 06:01:28 PEGGY

What are you? And why? So I could not imagine anything without internal combustion engines because of my specific passion to them and because these e-autos sow are expensive. And I was also important to me sound and smell. For what are you?

They should stay as long as possible, if even for always choose 40%

Other choose 28%

Way with the things Choose 24%

Neutral on Choose 8%


depends on what is burned. I do not see a problem in combustion of hydrogen or biomass (apart from the stink).

The except that is adopted by the internal combustion engine. If MMN is also true enough to no longer depend on the suppliers of fossil fuels, to which problems can lead, the oil crisis has demonstrated in the 1970s.

Alternatives will be affordable with time and is not so that the cut should be completed at the burner tomorrow.


When the batteries of the E cars would last longer and would be more environmentally friendly; The electricity from renewable energies would come, which can store electricity, then I would be DUcheaus for an abolition of internal combustion engines. But is still a long and stony path.


Apart from that it would not be more environmentally friendly, it's not without.

Only once as an example Ahrtal. Flood, no electricity, saved and helped with diesel trucks partially 2/3 and more under water were driving. Everything with electro does not conceivable, which do not have the batteries on the roof and they have to shop.

Or notary, rescue service, police, fire department. Should those say in an emergency "We are there in about 4 hours, as long as we still have to load"?

or the tourists that just want to Croatia, how many days should he be on the road until he arrives Standing loading?

That cane You now continue endlessly.


The things were just really potentially, I have never seen a nice e-car, I really wonder why you can not do it attractive


Well, if you want to ban some then an alternative that everyone can afford

Abolition of internal combustion engines?