Fellow students annoy me before the start of the study?

2021-08-28 06:02:33 ANDREA

GF community, I need your advice. I am in a Facebook group with my fellow students, I also saw their profile pictures. There was a woman who lay half-naked with her lover in bed, the other has a kiss picture as a profile. That's a scandal! How should I study with such unprofessional people? I suppose my career, I have 4 rounds behind me and how can it be so choosing it.

Can I complain? Woe they have sex in the dorm. I just wanted education.


Ignorean it easy. It's not to be interested in anyway if you are rumbling, unless you are jealous. You do not have to be friends with these people, just make your thing and try to be less jammed.


Well, if you disturbs something, then it is still no harassment. These are your profile pictures that do not violate any guidelines. Accept or ignore them!

"Woe they have sex in the dormitory" ... Well, I believe a large part of the students will have sex in the dorm. I think you live in a false idea of ​​the world?!

If you only want education, then focus on it and let the others live their lives!


And what is your question now? Everyone can make his life as he wants that. If some like to share plating photos in Facebook, you can not do anything about it. This is their own decision ...


This is your privacy, life and lives.


What does this have to do with harassment? Is your problem if you want to examine their profile pictures.

Fellow students annoy me before the start of the study?