Do you feel constantly alone?

2021-08-28 06:03:36 TYLER

So I feel very empty and alone. I already know what I want and so so relationship but does not know if that will ever come true or if I will do my first experiences as an old sack. Incidentally, I'm M / 15 and Bi and have the feeling that no one fits in my scheme although I have a low claim. What can I do about it? Do you also have that that you feel so hopeless that it hurts and you feel so empty that you do not see more in things? Since then, I have been so funny thoughts and I'm so desperate because I'm scared never to find someone who wants to experience that with me that I would like to have what I would like and I as an old maiden die or at the bottom line or sometime lol. Please help mIr. What can I do?


So in advance: You are only 15. In contrast to me, you have theoretical still the advantage that you go to a school and there (theoretically) to meet many people and potentially too can get to know. However, you have to hurry up because depending on what you do after school, you no longer meet as many people in the same age group. In addition, I have the impression that young people are even more open to get to know new people and find new friends.

What may be incredibly difficult for you and may keep you in loneliness for another few years, is the Corona Policy of the Federal Government. Life in the 2019 style was already demanding, but through the current restrictionsIt has become even heavier.

I think it is important that you come under humans. Wherever and how can I not tell you, I asked that yourself several times and various resorts without getting a satisfactory answer. But it is often said, you can go to a gym and address people there ....


This is often struggling with despair during puberty and asked if one asks You will ever find someone who fits one. I know exactly as it goes myself only 18. But do not do so much stress because everyone has done so far. You just have to learn to accept that you are and that you are great as you are. With this knowledge and self-confidence you will be someoneNDEN. And you are young, there are no reason to make stress at all. Whether you have a friend * in Hurry or only in 3 or 5 years.
But it seems to me as if this feeling so greatly burden you that you are constantly plagued in your everyday life, which shows through the inner emptiness and non-impact. If these characters can last over a long period it may be that this is a depression. And a depression is nothing for you to be ashamed if you suffer from one, it is not at all at all. Talk about tight confidants and exchanges you that can do very well if that does not help you and you have to fight with such stressful states in the longer term, you can confide yourself to your physicians that give you the possibility of the possibilityT Professional help to gain. And with this design, I do not want to be afraid to you, but give you a helping hand. Talk about your fears, the people around you will understand you!
And remember one my dear: You're great and beautiful and find someone, even if you may not believe that, I think it does not even know you personally. Be strong You can do this <3

Do you feel constantly alone?