Trump Comeback - What do you think?

2021-08-28 06:05:42 LUIS

Would be the madness!

TRUMM Try it again?

A completely others than the two, it will be 38%

Trump 2024 Choose 21%

Biden remains also, 2024 bidents! Choose 14%

Try Choose 10% again

Miscellaneous Choose 10%

Will not create choose 7%


Biden will not want a second term and the democrats will nominate someone who is not Kamala Harris if they are not completely stupid.

Would trump against Harris, then a victory would be at least in the context of the possible. But against any heterosexual, white, Christian man stored somehow from his views in a good, liberal midfield, he would lose with timpani and trumpets.

Harris would not have had no chance in this election alone .


Trump will no longer create the Primaries of Republicans.

There are enough people who will not be behind Trump in 4 years because they want themselves ran.

Politically, the chance for these next republican alpha animals will never be as good as in 4 years.

America goes with Losern Not Zimmerich. Trump is a loose.

White House lost, lost, lost, senate lost, twice inpeaked. Not to mention the possible convictions of the next time.

According to Forbes also fallen in the rich ranking, that really does not look good for Donald and his (fans)

that the Vice President 2024 is as a candidate of the Democrats in the race, in my opinion, too No outer deal.


According to the now completely irresponsible corona policy and the case with the Capitol, it will no longer become trump because I arrive.

That's the ChangeSelectors and temperate Republicans are no longer mediated and without them is not.

Always apart that in the near future with the judiciary he will have to rummage, which will run out that he, should he owe anything have made simply no longer available for the next elections or it will be at least further damaged at least further.

Not with his fans, of which some appear as fanatical, that they trump allocate too If he were transferred to a crime, still ran after, but on everyone else, that will not make a good impression.

I arrive, the man is politically done and the Republicans will not get him back to the Candidamake.

Ms. Harris. Why is the idea that Harris automatically gave back to democratic candidate when biders no longer want to compete after 4 years?

Did the Republicans ever made a Cheney's candidate, just because of Bush II 8 years Long vice

This is obviously no inevitable determination and should no longer want Mr. Biden, I assume that the Democrats will also make the choice of their candidate dependent on those who crystallized in the Republicans.

And should that be a more moderate personality than Mr. Trump, I assume that it will not be Mrs. Harris.

Ms. Harris I see only then in the near future as President, when Mr. Biden will failLight and they had to take over.


Yes, it would indeed madness if this madman would be chosen again.


There is there Other favorites at the Republicans, Trump is out.

Trump Comeback - What do you think?