Unique contradiction in the Bible?

2021-08-28 08:02:54 GUILLERMO
And the wrath of developed again against Israel , and He irritated David against them and said: Go, Count Israel
and Judah
  1. Samuel 24: 1
and the Satan against Israel and Stimulated David that he counted Israel
Chronicle 21: 1

against Israel, Irrited David, Israel Count The only one is, there is God and below is Satan. Interpretation opportunities are not there. It is clearly understanding that something is wrong


Oh. Again one who disassembled the Old Testament to fades Christianity!

The AT is a collective ancient old texts of a wide variety of origin, translated into a wide variety of languages, somehow arrived in the German-speaking Bible and now here and there contradictory ,



Who is Christ, generally refers to the New Testament and if the Old Testament is on the table "Jaaaa, äääääh" A completely legal reaction! There is so much mischief in it that it is only useful as a reference because the New Testament relates to the AT texts here and there.


Well now?


1. Is the 2. Samuel 24: 1

and where HAst you 1. Chronicle 21: 1 This is very different with me ...


Once it is the anger of God and otherwise the Satan.

In my Introduction, there is no anger of God, because God is love.

Accordingly, the wrath of God can only be a projection of the human wrath and that would be satanical or even more clearly said: Satan.

for me therefore no contradiction.


The Bible is a book collection of at least 66 different biblical books.

Written CON 40 writing, at different times, this of individuals with different opinions and differences in the pictures.

Therefore, it is completely irrelevant when two views contradict themselves whenEpochs and scribes come.

You can imagine that so that these authors can not have noticed that their writings would end up centuries later in a book collection called Bible.

And even if - whether the writers could have denied? Probably hardly.

The Bible is a book, which is allowed to contradict itself within the different scribbers. And I even know a whole lot of such contradictions.

Only resulting Bible foundation lists claim that the Bible does not contradict - because it was God's word.

But it wrote an apostle name Paul:

"We have this treasure (he spoke of the spirit of God - Note v. I), in earthenVessels so that the force goes beyond the normal, God was. And not ourselves from us. "

Do you understand that with the earthen vessels? Our imperfections?

Exactly the same principle can you find again in the Get Bible:

It reflects the Imperfection of humanity - this in their stories, but also in their contradictions.

Nevertheless, the believers will feel the power of God, God's presence, Holy Spirit - God in the reading of the Bible. In moments like this one experiences Example The mental fruit, as in prayer times anyway.

Not the book owns this spirit - the book itself is only paper and ink. Rather, God is about watching the reader wants to approach him in the heart - and Then it comes zUr connection with the mind, one feels the love of God, etc ... The Bible is therefore a source of power, just like prayer. It was combined as the canon is aligned with Jesus.

And so it is in the healthy Christianity:

There are different teachings, different opinions, everyone with his individual God's picture.etc etc. But we all aligned on Jesus - he agrees them all in his Name.

If today's Christian community may already be so versatile (I love such diversity, because she stems to think about it) So the ancient man was as an individual, imperfect, with differences in views - and that is exactly reflected in the Bible again.


You probably made this totally unchristian mistake not to faith you with the things according to the specifications of the church. Not such a thing is not, because where would we suddenly come when suddenly all of Bible-resistant Christians come to the insight that the Bible is pure craftsmanship?

Nevertheless, thank you that you collect On discovered contradictions and circle connections in the Bible supplemented by another point.

Unique contradiction in the Bible?