May San dead?

2021-08-28 09:01:10 ERNESTINE

Since the second Staffel Con Bunny Girl Senpai is not out yet in German but a friend of mine who has already watched I have a question about something he said.
Attention small spoiler:
So I know yes, the May San died by a car accident in the movie (know someone where I can look for the movie for free)
He told me that she also died in the second season at the end of a disease I can me But that does not really imagine someone about you if it's right ??


A second season currently does not exist (not even Japanese) and it is also very unlikely that it will come out. For this now has passed too much time since the release of the film. Your friend has certainly fooled you. The movie can be as far as I know nowhere in German Legal Stream.


There is no 2nd season, movie you can look illegally on, yes she survived Sakuta goes back to time

May San dead?