Were the Gauloises cigarettes really very strong?

2021-08-28 09:04:30 EMANUEL

Smoke the red Gauloises, but I often heard that the brand used to be very strong.

DS really true because I think that smoking quite well.


That was in different versions, or packing colors!

Yellow I believe I easily, red medium and blue strong ... I found good, yes! So the "strong": -)


may be that the previously stronger. I smoke the red Gauloises, currently only about 5 to 8 pieces a day. The reds are the middle, the blue the strongest. In any case, the red are not as strong as the Marlboro.


I tried the 2015 or 2016, as no shock images were on the cigarette packs. I think they were not much stronger than other cigarettes, just tasted more intensively. Today I like to smoke Marlboro.

Were the Gauloises cigarettes really very strong?