How do you apologize?

2021-08-28 09:06:14 COURTNEY

A girlfriend had his birthday. I wanted to give her special, but did not know what. The book stood that gifts reminiscent of something important are well suited. On demand, she meant her cousin was very important to her. I only know that he died at a car accident. She told me about it. So as a reminder of her cousin, I brought a red toy car as a souvenir on her cousin.

However, the gift has missed the effect. She cried and did not look 2 days. She has contacted me then and said it's all good, I'm not supposed to make me so strive to get something simple. But the others said they were still pretty depressed. How can I do that?Again good?

I wanted to give her something special because she always helps me with my social interference. Since I do not understand my own emotions and those of others, she helps me and I just wanted to thank you


You have at least the experience that gifts you want to express something special personal expresses, because you can never know exactly what emotions can be triggered in the present.

In this case, the story has now run unhappy. But since you have already discussed with her in advance that you want to let yourself be guided by your suggestions from your suggestions, you will be on the fact that the small car painful memories were awakened, you no feeling cold or other unpleasant Attitude or consideration, therefore,

Therefore, I think that by expressing your regret that the gift is more of the oppositeIt has reached what you wanted to do opposite it will certainly be able to recognize your good intention. Presumably, it will only take a few days for you to get the things back to Lot here. Consequently, I rate you as long as something to hold back and do not put overbearing behavior on the day to make it clear what you wanted. A too much of cruise has a contrary effect. She should come back to you, and then you can be based on the matter.


Speech with her.

Bring her roses and another gift and tell her that you did not want it so. As a new gift, upload to dinner.

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So first one thing is not so good idea, as it is quite simply misunderstanding like in this case. I would go to her the typical excuse was not meant and then saying your intention. Best still comfort because that is a sad topic


It's best to tell her just, I'm sorry! That was really stupid of me I did not want to hurt you!

Work well again there is nothing there. Honestly, best you can be based on it and do not wake up again.

You can invite you to eat what next time you see the next time, everyone looks forward to it.


She said it's all Well. So cut the topic no longer.

WhatBut you can be there for you. Just be there.

How do you apologize?