Depression /? For months?

2021-08-28 10:01:58 CASEY

had a girl before 1 year ago she wanted something from me. At that time I did not want to be Irgnd as I had broken off. After a few months, I wanted something, I tried everything to have contact again, she did not want to be so nice at that time .. she has gone to school. And since then she has been gone 6 months just bad mood .... What can I do


They forget and not forever breached forever. Steer yourself and concentrate on other things. Go out, make friends with friends, do something, do sports. Know new people.

How do you come to what this could have something with a depression? Or you for a diagnosed depression?

I lack the relationship between your love kummer, from which you told and the psychic disease depression. Or did you think that bad mood is a depression because of lovesicks?


This has nothing to do with depression. Or do you have a diagnosis?

Try to apologize.


Sport can help with light depression. Maybe you canTry it.

But if that does not help, I advise you to talk to your family doctor. When he diagnosed depression with you, he will transfer you to a psychotherapist.


Depression /? For months?