Which man has more sex here?

2021-08-28 12:03:08 KATRINA

I'm 1,93 m tall. Does a man with the height of height 1.93 m or a man with the height of height 160 cm more frequent sex?

Have I lucky enough to have more sex with women because I'm big?

The man with 193 cm has more sex choose 56%

The man with 160 CM has more sex choose 44%


In principle, it only comes to self-confidence and whether the man can flirt (humor).

If a 1.90 m of a man did not get up his mouth .... yes then

I already met 1.60 m men who had a temperament

It is not just like this.

It depends on a self, as the physical events are, play no role.


I am 176, but convinces That I had more and still have when you have and ever have .. (actually nothing to be proud of it)

No, that's not the length .. but sometimes at the size. Smile.


I believe that greater more sex has because it's so some women attrFinding active if someone is so big.


I think that's not just on the size of a person


I think the body size has nothing to do with it.

rather how satisfied one is with its size.

Which man has more sex here?