Bird bought alleged owner wants to demand his animal back?

2021-08-28 12:10:14 OTIS

I bought a bird on eBay classifieds a year ago, without contract or other. Then I posted a picture of my new approach in a bird group on Facebook, whereupon a lady reported and says it's her bird. She had given him as a mold in the apartment was given to a pension. This then claimed when she wanted to pick up the animal that the bird is died. Can the alleged owner demand his bird back?


More important than the legal, I find such scammers to bring through police to jail. You can help by putting information about the seller.

When it's your bird, I would return it if the bird chooses her. Presumably, the two have a closer bond than you.

The financial needs to look and discuss. EV numbers thieves and the person with the pension.

I believe that they take over the costs and then reclaimed by the thieves.


He can only if he proves them with the ring identifier owned by this budgerigar.

Do not give the budgies from the hand until this facts are unequivocally clarified.

However, you should not give the budgerigar even from the hand until your claims for damages are regulated.

Because you have purchased the budgie correctly !!

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If you can prove it undoubtedly, it is quite possible that you have a right to return. Then you would never have become legal owner. But there she is in the contextuality and without legal advice, I would not go there in nothing!


Without proof, she can not demand anything.

If she has the proof of revenue, where the number of the foot ring is on the bird, it would be a small start for you.

Nevertheless, they would have to prove how the animal came therewhere it was then bought later.

and only deal with the pension.

Much Tara by nothing ... No, she can not ask for anything.


Did you pay money for the bird? Then you need to respond to no further contact trials.

Only when there are yellow envelopes.

Bird bought alleged owner wants to demand his animal back?