Do you think of God?

2021-08-28 15:01:01 VALERIE

Yes Choose 52%

No Choose 45%

Never choose 2%


* with reason !!!


However, this belief is really a faith and no dogma, like the God's picture of many religions, especially Islam.

You could say, I think I think so, Although the universe is more like that, as if there is no.

It is enough for me if the idea of ​​God does not totally contradict science, and I find a kind of deism or universalism close, especially since I do not like pantheism. I can imagine God as origin behind time, space and matter, but not as a creator of life on earth, and not as a designer behind evolution.

I find it very nice to believe in God, As not to do.


I do not believe directly to a God's picture, but I believe that there are higher powers that simply happens much inexplicable.

I do not mean that one should explain scientifically examined facts by God's system. Because I am a very rational man and believe in science.

I just speak of coincidences that you think: "That can now be impossible!"

I speak of something like that . So to speak, I believe in miracles, if you want to express roughly.


I believe in God, I'm a Christian. In my opinion, there is well good / convincing reasons / arguments to believe in God:

I believe that this world was thoughtful and planned, ICh do not believe that the earth was created "just so". Also, there is the opinion that an intervention of God is needed for the big bang.

There are also wonders examined by doctors. If there is no scientific explanation, why a human became healthy, then the miracle is also confirmed. The doctors do not always know that their investigations are for the church.

I also believe in a life after death. You can search on the Internet for "girl encountered Jesus" (without quotation marks). These are reasons to believe in God and a life after death.

I have also experienced things that have strengthened my faith.


At first Man already soooo many gods.

And countless of themare considered as nonsense today by believers (!). Since I mean e.g. Quezacoatl, Wotan, Ra, Aton, etc.

Why so that gods should be voted by today?

And then the God's picture in particular of Abrahamite religions.

God should be the good? So many kills like God will never achieve anyone else, and he does not show any grace in front of children. Apart from the fact that he himself had all that for all of it at all.

(Snake + Eva + Tree + All Science + still allowed together alone)

In short: Theodizee question, all-painting paradox and ubiquitous hell problem refute all 3 Abrahamite gods. Even if the newer says "Our God is also your God, so all religionsn Before us have the same God and have to do what our God says, all after us, however, are just wrong ". No Jew says Allah be his God or Muslims pray the same God.

And the whole" miracles " However, who are scientifically explained today, "God" implied.

that no God can refute, is not an argument. Nobody can prove that Ra, Odin, Zeus, the pink unicorn, the FSM, witels, fairies, witches, trolls, elves or orcs.


Yes I believe in God and I'm glad that I have found it at the age of 24.

It makes it easy to know that there is someone who always loves you, to which you can present your worries / fears ect.

I have been doing since thenIn any case much better.

Do you think of God?