What are the Taliban and the IS?

2021-08-28 15:01:39 WADE

Besides are terrorist groups for Islam.

The group worse than the other.

The IS has completely stamped its own population as incredulous. Each of their opinion is not accepted is unbelieving and must be cleaned by the earth.

Taliban deliberately fight against the US or against their own government. Against the politicians. Half of those also advocates self-murder mat on the civilian population. However, only until they come to power.

What is now with the IS. What do they want?

What are the difference between the Taliban.

In the reasons, it is also for the war in Afghanistan.

The whole country leaving!? What should that bring?

A country also needs hisPopulation.

Or what exactly are the goals of IS opposite the Taliban?

Is terminal only about the power question or even more.

I've heard in the news that the is even more radical stricter claims?

That's right? And what kinds would be that?

Where is the difference to the Taliban?


The IS is even more radical than for prohibiting any form of negotiation or cooperation with "unbelievers". The latter did the Taliban with the US. This is the Taliban for the IS itself at the level of the "unbelievers".

Although a contract is also valid for the Taliban only as long as much money flows into their pockets or they look into the rifle run of the contracting party. They are very pragmatic.

Taliban Ind mainly a tribal militia of Pashtunen. The IS is a global movement.


would say that the IS claims its religion is the only true, at least it comes to me.

Taliban just want to do and the things implement the ones in your thick skullare.

There was a small interview of such a talerban "leader".

Likewise recently has an Afghan Pop musician told that the Taliban targeted to politicians who use for equality of Genders or equal rights.

The Taliban "leader" told that the current state of government does not correspond to her faith and thus "corrected". Both have the same ideology only The Taliban like team rocket creates their own state.

What are the Taliban and the IS?