Was Adolf Hitler mentally ill or a normal person?

2021-08-28 15:02:33 CLAY

sick choose 61%

A normal person Choose 39%


in the detectable psychopathological sense, no. Because Adolf Hitler could not be analyzed according to psychiatric during his lifetime. Nevertheless, a lot is said. Belageable is nothing of it.

If you ask me, I could imagine a "dark triad". This is an interaction of different, antisocial personality types that spoke together metaphorically, thinking therealicity: narcissism, machiavellism and psychopathy.

Everything together leads in a person to antisocial behavior, egoism, lack of empathy, calculation, conscience, power deserving, impulsivity, aggression, manipulation, pathological lies, high degree of strategic can, u.v.m ..


If the sadism is added, it becomes a "dark tetrade".


That this man did not walk round was to recognize how he celebrated the Jewish hatred actually actually very early, that already testifies his lubrication " my fight" ". Then in 1933 the speech before Reichswehr officers to explain this extermination war against the Soviets and then with the

" Barbarossaplan " to put into action, the measure was fully. Which he later degraded health, could occur according to the defeats.

Here he crawled out as an old man from his bunker again, That he had a diet choist also shows that he had problems at least here too.



The scholars argue about this.

I can only say, I am not a studied psychologist, thus have no practical experience and do not see a precise, meaningful psychological diagnosis of any disease.

The man has not opened openly or in the Public spoken with any voices, which could not hear anyone, which would have been reasonably safe signs, so there is probably nothing clear what the Laie could recognize.

I think it's possible that the man mentally had a way. But as I said, I see myself outstanding the meaningful to decide, especially since theMa the experts in terms of psychology and nourish munich contradict and they are probably probably any mental illness, which has already been considered and that later revised again.


Krude views and a one-sided worldview Had he always had. But he has become really ill but only through his charged, who splashed him to the 20 different syringes per day. From Ochsentestosterone About Cocaine Bechsel to Percitin in very high doses, every experimental substance was good enough to administer him.

Thus, it came to the end of the war to very severe wrong decisions, the hundreds of thousands of German soldiers and the civilian population costing life.


At first, I was said that he was psychOphatic trains had. Otherwise, he was hardly just so, so many people kill without a bad conscience,

and later he was gorney

Was Adolf Hitler mentally ill or a normal person?