Why are people reacting to vegans often irritated?

2021-08-28 20:00:59 SAMUEL

Hi I do not understand why people on vegans or vegetarian often react irritated. I'm working on the construction "A construction worker needs real food" Yes but if you do not tolerate it and it gets problems it is not ideal. I feared for years with meat I felt getting weak in the school of the weak and in construction it was so, I could do the whole work she was very exhausting. Since I've switched to vegan / vegitarian, I have no more problems with digestion and even gained 20kg: D The work is now very easy to remove the whole day blend or destruction without which it is physically exhausting me.

Well, I'm never saying what I'm Vegitarian and I'm talking about nowThe topic never at everyone should eat what he eats. But often it comes to someone who does not notice that I do not eat meat and little dairy products and then react funny ...... That's very annoying I'll always say I'm not talking that's not and then the topic is tendent and We talk about something else again. But now that somehow annoys people often with comic looks or react if they notice that is a vegitarian.

What do you think? Should everyone eat what he wants to eat or are there reasons to condemn someone`?




I also believe that everyone is allowed to decide how he wants to feed himself. Nobody else is going on. But unfortunately there are also fellow human beings who like to interfere in the affairs of other people. Why it is like that? I can only suspect.

  • Some are possibly in their thinking so that they feel any deviation from it as a threat.
  • Some may need a kind of confirmation by considering "normal", other than spinners or the like.
  • Some find fun or kind of satisfaction when they can bring about others and make fun of them.
  • Some need that for your self-image. Maybe too, for your own deficits and shortageNorth to dubbing. A real man finally has to eat meat, just like a lion. ;)
  • However, because perhaps negative experiences have been made. Maybe the one has tried it myself with vegan or vegetarian nutrition, is not clear and has become an absolute opponent now.
  • Or everyone has had a negative encounter with vegans / vegetarians and now transmits this experience to all.

Anyway, if you feel comfortable with your way of life, then do not let others influence. Nobody has the right.


Are you yourself and feed you as you think it's right and best tolerate it. Important is other his way of lifeNot to force as the Non Plus Ultra. But you do not do that, all right. And that people react with strange looks and commentary is just like that. If anyone lives something as the general public, or the people with those of the person is just about. If he / she fes nourish himself differently, eg vegan / vegetarian, or possibly does not drink while all partly with violence "shoot", he / she has a good body because he / she does good training and sits between louder beer tubs, yes , Often the pointless dispute gives nothing. There is a scheme F: Often there are only questions, why?, Why?, How long? What brings that?, etc. Then the looks and comments often follow. And the biggest mistake you can do that is explainedor justify. Seriously meant questions, you recognize immediately, you can answer yes and the thing is done. On said looks and comments as you describe them, let it. Strangely, then people want to rub himself, want to have a perspective it would be wrong what you do there / lives. Zuck's shoulders and answered just or look at you only without a word. Any explanation or justification is only incentive for these people. How did Tyrion Lennister said in Game of Thrones? "If you are a dwarf, tell all that you are a dwarf. Then no one makes more jokes about it and no one laughs anymore." There is some truth in it. Leben what you think for right and when an impulse takes it? Let it slide it like water at a waxed stone. ThenN is wasted joie de vivre.


I can not imagine that at the cliché of the "right men" the Aufm construction work and always have a fleet saying on the lips, probably a little bit of it. For example, with us in the big company in the camp, no one would look wrong. We have a few who are the part-time butchers and felt every day a half-sow dash, we have vegans, vegetarians, we also have people who do not even have to eat in the company and run home at the break and eat there. Vllt asks someone why that's the way with you, but otherwise


Well there is no rational reason for the complete renunciation.

Meat or no meat. animalIsches or nothing animal. So black or white. You could look around in other areas: e.g. Clothes in slave-like factories are made to hunger wages. The reasonable person looks like and where the clothes come from and does not run naked around and dispenses completely on clothes but seeks production facilities where everything runs right. That would be a healthy compromise and a rational train of thought. In animal, however, one knows however only mass husbandry or one will give

Veganism FUST basically on a sect-like black white thinking template ...

Veganism is a fantasy-based ideology that tries to convey certain feelings similar to religions, for example GemKing, hope, security in a parent correlation and identification with something about the existence of the individual. Because veganism does not help the animals, people nor the environment it is a hype for (e.g., youtube addict) self-actors who also want to open in public (ie satisfy themselves with semi-high texts similar to IMAGE or priest). There are people the food no tomatoes ... have neither a term (like veganism) nor do they make a video and trombone around the world around how bad the tomato production ... is ...


This can have different reasons. Some men feel attacked in their toxic masculinity when other men do not eat meat. Other people in turn feel restricted in their freedom of choice if they get told by other people what "good" is for them. And other people simply reflect the behaviors that are brought to them.

Why are people reacting to vegans often irritated?