Why should God want us to prove ourselves here?

2021-08-28 21:01:14 VERNON

Some go from something that God has toured us on the earth so that we prove here if we belong to the sky or hell?

Why that? Does not God do not know if we are good or evil? What only this test? So that we or him is not Fad?

While I write, I realize how absurd this world view is ...


I do not find that very absurd. For many people I encounter, seem to be nice, but their deeds speak differently. I type on cosiness. - If others do that, I can do that too. Or: After all, I'm not as bad as ...

Nevertheless, they ensure suffering across the globe. Because they want cheap clothes, electronics, chocolate etc, or because they do not want to resist the enjoyment of drug or meat.

Not that it is my motto that is our sense to prove ourselves to God, but I see people rarely live out what they really want or think for well. And I think that our meaning is at least to live authentically, as we are deepZen for well considered.



Where the Earth is already heaven and hell at the same time ...; -))

Good and evil are not good and evil Absolute evaluations, what is, is always very much in the interests of those who "define" what you are in different religions z. B. sees very clearly.


God does not want us - because no matter what we do, we always prove something - our view of things.

What is my experience to God's wish for us, in this life we ​​decide where we want to spend eternity. Of course he would wish that one comes to him - but everyone decides for themselves.

And if our last decision is in life, you bMaiden to want to spend God if you never care about him before, then this counts with God. Even if this decision took a whole life.


Unfortunately, you do not know God. It's simply wrong, we have to prove here.

God has created every person and because the sin is in every human being, no one can immediately in the sky. Therefore, every person can consider whether he goes to God's way. That is, man has to see that he needs God. In addition, man has to see his sinfulness and pray to God so that he is forgiven. Only if we are pure in front of God, we can go to heaven.

No human being is from vor in good or fair, which he just in the sky Kcan come. This is how it stands in the Bible and everyone can look in themselves, which he has violated against the 10 bids multiple times.

God loves us and therefore created us a rescue path - his son of Jesus came to the world and Died for our sins on the cross.

So we are not here for test purposes, but for the personal decision, whether we want to love God and believe him.

It's best to read the Bible itself, the New Testament acts about Jesus and what he has reached for me when we become believers Christians.

You are right, especially as a God should know that people are capable of both the most vulnerable deeds as well as the most selfless deeds. MenNor are not born as a monster, but made from other people to monsters.

Why should God want us to prove ourselves here?