Do you have a passion or a hobby?

2021-08-29 01:04:01 DARRELL

Hello :),

I was on such a youth event and there we sat there all in a circle with a caregiver. We talked about hobbies and passions and how important it was to have something like that, so something that fills us so completely. Then everyone should tell us what his passion is, and in fact, everyone could say something ... except me.

Some have said they are very happy and for them is like a passion, others like to dance, other games an instrument, sing or program. But I really did not catch me. The supervisor then said I should ask my best friend (which sat in this circle) if she may know what my passion is, but she could only twitch with his shoulders. WAR First, great embarrassing from the whole group to confess that I am probably ultra boring, but secondly it has given me to think. But for weeks I think about it and I just have no passion, not even a hobby what I like to do.

Have played an instrument, was too boring, besides, I was still too bad after 2 years.

Sign can I be so minimal, but it is not this "fulfillment" of which was talked about in the group.

The last time I had to dance in school sports and got a 6.

I read only when I'm bored or I have to.

I had riding lessons, but I was too exhausting. Besides, I have been afraid of horses since then.

So ICH have really absolutely no passion, still hobby.

I want to pass on the question here to look at whether on this youth event was not accidental just above average passionate teenagers and I'm actually normal, or if most of them have a passion and I'm funny.

So, my question:

Have you signified something as a passion?

Yes Choose 82%

No Choose 18%


  1. Diamond Painting
  2. Playing Instruments
  3. Crochet
  4. Knitting
  5. Gardening
  6. Cooking
  7. Bake


I run about 15 collections -

Coins, Stamps, Beer Crown, Biedeckel, etc ...


Nude Photography, for 8 years.


to be my rabbits and furry ..


My dog.

Do you have a passion or a hobby?