Is it normal for some vegetarians to feel provoked?

2021-08-29 02:01:35 CHRISTINA

We had a buddy of my brother yesterday with us and he is a vegetarian. For dinner, there were fried noodles, with meat, but we made him a vegetarian version. He was eating while eating, but angry because we had meat, and he said that it would be a pretty nasty provocation and insult to eat in his beiin meat. To my knowledge, he has broken and blocked the contact with my brother. I asked my brother if he might have been forced to be vegetarian, but he said that it was his own decision.

Is it really such a big deal if you are near vegetarian flesh?


should not be a big deal. You even cooked extra for him, but he should be more grateful. Just ignore, is just stupid chatter of a person who is dissatisfied with themselves


It's rather vice versa: I would be pretty pretty sacrificed when I am extra for the snowflake Attention Flachwitz * Koche, and then still listen to me how angry I am, just because I would feed myself as I think it's right.

With such idiots I would also cut process. You do not need something like "friend"


This is complete nonsense what he has done !!!

A vegetarian / vegan just does not eat meat. That's ok.
The MenscH is an omnivore, so the norm is that man eats meat.

If that does not fit the buddy of your brother, then he should pull a leash !!!
You should also consider: War guest and has also behaved accordingly and should accept the norm.

You did not do anything wrong, but he is an arrogant monkey which means everything was dancing after his pipe.


Yes, these are the hardcore vegans or vegetarians. They want to prescribe what you have to eat. Very amusing.

You even cooked extra for him and he did not want to appreciate it anyway. Nobody needs such "friends".

My brother is vegetarian and always very grateful if there is the meat extra. He ceasesAlthough in front of the smell, it says nothing and is happy about the time together.


How would you react when I would eat in beside you?
That's how it feels like it, for me.

But I can yes yes Eating elsewhere, you have also cooked extra for him, which is nice. You should not complain, generally you should not complain, but be a role model what we want in the world.


Is it normal for some vegetarians to feel provoked?